Update coronavirus

Last Modified: December 20, 2021

Is Aviodrome open?
Due to the measures and advice taken by the government regarding the coronavirus, it has unfortunately been decided that Aviodrome will be closed from December 19.

I have reserved an arrangement (such as a school trip or children’s party) or activity for several people at Aviodrome. Can this still go on?
You will be contacted about this, you do not have to do anything yourself. If you still want to ask a question, you can do so via info@libemafunfactory.nl.

I have already bought a ticket online and have reserved a time slot for this. Can I go to the park at another time?
To give you the opportunity to visit the museum at another time, your current tickets will be automatically extended, so that they can be used until December 31, 2022. After the museum reopens, you must again book a visiting day and time slot on the website (“I already have a ticket”). You will receive an email about this no later than 20-12-2021.

I already have a promotional ticket (such as DPG Media, ING, Jumbo Dagje Uit and ANWB) with a validity until 20-12-2021. Will the validity be extended?
The duration of these promotions will be extended until June 30, 2022. For further questions, please contact the ticket provider. Also for these tickets, a visit day and time slot must be reserved on the website (“I already have a ticket”).

I already have a ticket via a lottery (such as BankGiro Loterij and Nationale Postcode Loterij). Can I go to the museum at another time?
If you have made a reservation in the period from 20 December 2021 to 14 January 2022 via a lottery, you will receive a message from the relevant lottery with the new code, so that you can receive a new one as soon as the museum is open again. can make a reservation. For further questions about tickets via a lottery, you can contact the ticket provider via info@uitstapjenaarkeuze.nl or info@dagjewegnaarkeuze.nl.

If your question and answer are not listed in the above information, you can contact us via 0320-289842.

Helaas hebben we opnieuw onze deuren moeten sluiten vanwege de landelijke coronamaatregelenAviodrome is vanaf 19 december gesloten. Lees hier onze veelgestelde vragen.