Update coronavirus

Is it necessary to submit a negative corona test for my visit to Aviodrome?
No corona ticket is required to enter the Aviodrome Aviation Museum. This is only necessary (from 13 years) if you sit inside at a table near the restaurant and if you visit the 4D movie theater. Our restaurant also has a pick-up point and there are picnic areas outside, so you can order and consume food and drinks without a corona ticket.

What measures are being taken at the Aviodrome to guarantee the safety of everyone?
For safety reasons, a number of measures have been taken to guarantee your safety and that of our employees.

  • There is a maximum number of visitors per day.
  • To monitor this maximum and to guarantee your visit, we advise you to book your activity online in advance.
  • Please pay contactless / per pin as much as possible.

  • Our restaurant is equipped with a pick-up point and outside are picnic areas. Do you want to sit inside? That is also possible. You will need a valid corona ticket for this.

  • Naturally, people stay at home with complaints of a cold, cough, sore throat or fever. If a roommate or family member suffers from this, the entire household stays at home.

View the full Museum Protocol here.

Is the catering area open?
Yes! Our restaurant is open. You can only take a seat at the tables inside with a valid corona certificate (this is also checked in the restaurant). There are picnic tables outside where you can sit down without a (valid) corona ticket. The restaurant also has a pick-up point.

Is everything accessible?
Almost! Some more exceptions:

  • The 4D movie theater (Skymania) is open. If you want to visit this performance, you must be in possession of a valid corona ticket. This is also checked at the entrance of the theater.
  • The flight simulators in the indoor exhibition are still closed.

If your question and answer are not listed in the above information, please contact us on 0320-289842

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